5 Reasons Why Land and House Packages are The Way To Go When It Comes To Owning A Home

There are many ways to own a home. You can buy an existing home via conveyancing. You can also buy a newly-built home from a developer. If you want to be an owner builder, you can buy land and then proceed to build yourself. Another option is to buy land with a certain build design attached to it. These are called land & house packages. You not only get the land, you also buy the home design which will be constructed once payment is made. In this article, find out why these packages are all the rage when it comes to real estate today.

Get the best professional help in designing your dream home

When you buy into one of the many land and house packages available in the market, you get access to the very best professional help in home design and construction. The team that sells you the package will offer you all the help you need to come up with a home design that meets all your aspirations for a dream home. This includes exterior design, outdoor landscaping, interior design, and more. You also get access to the best home builders in the industry. These will undertake your build, all as part of the package you bought into.

land & house packages

Get to choose where your future home will be located

In many cases as a prospective home buyer, you may come across beautiful new homes that you would love to move into. The only problem is that there is one big shortcoming; the properties are not located where you would wish to live. As you well know, location is a big factor when choosing a new home. With land and house packages, this is all catered for you. You get to choose the exact spot where you want to build, i.e. the plot and the block of land.

Have a say in every aspect of your home build

Location aside, there are many other factors that make up a dream home. Every individual has unique tastes. So instead of choosing an already built home that may not reflect your distinct tastes, land & house packages allow you to have a say in every detail of your future home. This could be the lighting, the type of roofing, the furniture, the flooring, etc. This is possible because you get to choose the design you wish to be actualized on that piece of land that you’ve bought. Click here for Eden Brae Homes

Enjoy discounted bundle prices

Last but not least, land & house packages are great because they do offer some level of price discount due to the bundled nature of the purchase. In other words, because you are buying two products at the same time (the land and the house), most real estate companies will offer discounted prices in order to lure buyers to take up the packages. The price you pay is slightly lower than what you would incur if buying the land and then building on your own.

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