Granny Flats in Perth – A Dignified Style of Living in Your Old Age

As people age, they do not wish to burden their children with responsibilities that ensue when you live as a joint family. Besides, it is like encroaching in the children’s lives as well as space. As parents we fulfill our responsibilities and as grandparents we wish to spend some quiet moments as we approach the twilight of our lives. However, many people do not like to detach themselves completely from the family, especially their grandchildren. The idea of granny flats Perth, AU has today is therefore a very convenient and safe option for many elderly Perth residents.

granny flats Perth

For them, the grandchildren are source of joy and happiness, which they thoroughly enjoy. When people have big homes and their married children try to move out, it becomes difficult for the old couple to live alone in a huge house. So it is a wise decision on their part to move out and allow the growing family of their children to enjoy the warmth and benefits of a family home. The idea of building granny flats Perth has, therefore, seen many old couples lead an independent and self-respecting life.

About the granny flats

What exactly are “granny flats”? Well, this is an accommodation for the grandparents as the name suggests, which in fact, is an extension of the existing house. This extension serves a dual purpose. It keeps the old couple closer to their family and yet gives them their own privacy and freedom. This granny flat is a replica of the actual house, but only cut down in size taking into consideration their diminishing needs and requirements.

Instead of buying a new accommodation and investing money in property unnecessarily, the concept of granny flats Australia constructions has seen many families live in harmony while respecting each other’s space and privacy. The youngsters get the much needed room that they want and the old parents get an opportunity to be closer to their near and dear ones and yet have an independent and dignified life. So it is like having the best of both worlds.

Modern Home Improvers is a family-owned business that has Bruce Sertorio at the helm and wife Anne helping in daily functioning of the business. It started in 1976 and has seen a gradual rise in clientele. Their success lies in the software that was developed in 1991, which enables them to take the clients through a virtual ride in the proposed premises before the elderly move in.

This 3D walkthrough technology enables the person to get the actual “feel” of the house and then it becomes an easy task for the designers to finalize the floor plan. The advice of Modern Home Improvers is very valid – instead of building something totally new in a new place, it makes better sense to design, extend or renovate the existing structure.

If extension or renovation is on your mind, then call (08)92441993 to discuss the design. It is said that persistence pays and it is clearly visible from the company’s achievements. From being finalists in Alteration / Renovation & Additions category of the builder’s competitions since 2008 consistently every year, Modern Home Improvers finally emerged winners in 2014.

In Perth granny flats have been successfully designed by Modern Home Improvers. They have designs in three categories – The Solo, The Duo and The Solo MK II.  These have been designed to fit floor space of 60 square meters and 70 square meters, subject to approval of plans.

It is every individual’s dream to live a quiet, independent and dignified life. Growing old should not be a deterrent factor to keep one away from simple pleasures of life, like being closer to family and spending quality time with the grandchildren. Think again and contact Modern Home Improvers to fulfill your dream of the best granny flats Perth services.

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