How wood watches have evolved over the years

There are many companies such as Wewood that specialize in the manufacturing of wooden watches and fashion accessories. The art started in 2001 in Italy where FratelliDiversi registered a wooden company that used to produce wooden products. Every wooden product manufactured had to be accompanied by a tree planted to conserve the integrity of nature and ensure that there is a balance between wood being used and trees being planted. Watches made from wood became popular among many fashion enthusiasts and these are now among the most treasured, special and high-class type of watches.

Dealing with wood is complicated and hence, it needs a highly experienced person to deal with tasks like refining of the wood and designing of the wood.

Features of the new wood watches

Unlike before, when companies like Wewood used to mix the wood with other metallic and glass materials, the new wood watches are made from hundred percent wood. They are made to be hypo-allergenic so as not to create allergic reactions to the people who are allergic to some types of wood. Because wood happens to absorb water and reduce in quality, the wood is made with water repelling properties to ensure that it remains high-profile and within its desired attractiveness.

Before the wood is used, it undergoes intense refining to remove all the granules and rough materials so that the wood becomes smooth to provide a tender and soft feeling on the skin of the user. This is to provide both fashion and comfort. After refining, the wood is hardened with the appropriate materials to make it fit for the delicate work of designing the watch. Also, every quality wood watch should be made scratch resistant to always uphold its mesmerizing nature and ensure that it fits the required criteria. To make sure that one fits all types of wrists, the watches are made adjustable.

For purposes of durability, the following should be done

Many manufacturers tend to use soft wood because it is simple to deal with; especially in making the watch designs. However, the truth is that soft wood watches are not long lasting. Hard wood is the one that should be used in making of the watches. When you want to buy wood watch, first look at the type of wood that was used in the manufacturing of that watch. Sometimes people are attracted by the glittering colors, and they end up buying low quality products.

Wewood watches are made temperature insensitive, which prevents their properties like color and intactness from being affected negatively. This prolongs the life of the watch and even maintains its attractiveness. Although the wood may be hard, the appropriate machines are needed to ensure that everything has been well-made and every step successfully achieved in order to have a competent watch as far as quality is concerned. Only mature trees that have an old age are the ones that should be used because their wood is hard enough to make reliable watches that are going to be durable.

Remember that ninety percent of the watch materials should be recyclable to avoid environmental pollution even when one disposes the watch to the environment.

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