Print Advertising Is Alive and Remains Effective

Despite the growing popularity of digital marketing, traditional advertising that includes A1 poster printing remains useful and effective. This is especially true for people who have yet to familiarize the inner workings of a virtual marketplace much less the internet.

a1 poster printing

Because different businesses require different marketing campaigns, there is a possibility that offline and online marketing strategies are combined to develop a compelling campaign. It may not always be a 50/50 mix, but there will be a part of digital mixed into traditional and vice versa.

Among the many traditional advertising materials, Print is often paired with digital marketing.

Posters, brochures, and business cards are often used to introduce an online platform for a brick and mortar store, for example. Adding the website address to store window stickers or billboard is another option.

So, contrary to what many believe, print advertising is still alive.

Types of Print Advertising

Large format

This refers to wall hangings, banners, and posters that are made with beautiful graphics or branded photography to promote a business or special deals.

A1 poster printing belongs in this category and is often used for short-term promotions or longer-term displays. What makes A1 posters popular is their affordability, reusability, and user-friendliness. These can be placed on easels and poster rails or attached to any surface using adhesives, suction cups, and thumbtacks.

When it comes to using large format print adverts, the bigger the idea the better the reach.

Custom mails

Using the postal service to send mail to your target audience is one option to knock on their door and tell them about your business and why they need it. To set your door direct mail apart and to better engage your audience, use variable data to customise the images and words.

The more personal the mail is the better you can reach maximum impact, resulting in increased advert engagement.  This is also one way to spark the interests of potential clients.

Unique brochures

A tried-and-true staple in the business world, brochures are one of the print materials that are not going anywhere anytime soon. And with the advancements in printing technology, brochures can be made unique for a bigger impact. Apart from special effects printing, unique folding styles can be used to add flair to one of the oldest forms of print advertising.

How to Make Print Adverts More Effective

Now that you know which print materials to use, you need to ensure that the marketing you create will drive sales to your business. It should conform to what you are promoting and your goals as well.

If you are promoting a new start-up or generating new followers, for instance, your print advert must be designed accordingly. It should be memorable and will encourage clients and prospects to take action.

How do you do this exactly?

  • Have a message in mind and convey it the right way.
  • Use a visually appealing logo and, if possible, update it.
  • Select the right colour scheme.
  • Choose the right paper size of and print resolution.
  • Choose the most appropriate font, one that remains readable when used on different paper sizes.
  • Incorporate a call to action.
  • Make it relatable and helpful to clients.

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